WiT Indie 2020: Instil confidence in travel with correct information at right time, says’s Ooi Chee Teong

3rd edition of
WiT Indie held in Penang
this Friday, gathered a passionate crowd of impartial entrepreneurs,
hoteliers and experience providers, eager to find out, collaborate and share thoughts
on how travel can recuperate promptly from Covid-19 and fly even higher.

Said Yeoh Siew Hoon, founder, WiT, likened
party attendees to all those who dared to variety the Star Wars Rebel Alliance,
commending them on their boldness and tenacity in what has otherwise been a
hoping time for travel. “This is no man’s land, and every person has the prospect to
affect [the consequence]… all the projections have long gone out the window.”

“To maintain our minds free of fear, we emphasis
on what we can do in the area.”

To open the working day,’s senior director
of international flight business, Ooi Chee Teong took the stage to converse about how
China – the worst affected state – is looking at a new wave in technological
innovation that is assisting governments and non-public companies provide much better
transparency and communication with their citizens, customers and partners.

“The fear of travel is an mysterious ingredient
of the traveller… We desired to deliver proper details at the appropriate time to
instil self esteem in travel itself…[] made travel
in our applications for each and every state and region,” mentioned Ooi. “We’re also
searching at progressive ways of providing these advisories to travellers through
the [booking] process… When I travelled, I observed it complicated to navigate among
the advisories and the flight selections readily available.”

Outside of, Ooi noticed that there has
been a collaborative energy among community and non-public bodies, by way of a more
open sharing of technological innovation and thoughts. For illustration, travellers entering China
need to fill out an on line declaration variety for immigration, accessed by using a Wechat
QR code.

“It’s a good signal that the governing administration is
letting non-public corporations to go into their processes… which usually means the
governing administration is open to non-public sectors and their affect in social insurance policies.”

On the other side of the coin, the world
pandemic has also labored to remind a lot of technological innovation gamers in travel that the
human touch has not lost its put in the marketplace, particularly when it will come to
shopper service.

Ooi mentioned that the Covid-19 pandemic has
developed a unique influence in shopper service whereby customers are opting to
converse to a human agent, somewhat than fulfil their enquiries on line.

“For this crisis, the feeling of fear is
higher than typical, so we do see that the variety of phone calls coming in, is much
higher than [on line requests]. They can make all their changes on line, but
for the reason that of fear, they want to converse to any person.”

Over-all, recovery would occur from giving
travellers and partners as much exact details as feasible. “[With
comprehension] we can manage fear, and from there, we can instil self esteem.”

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