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That last one leaves some marketers stumped. What’s the right way to connect these days anyway? Supplied the heaviness of this yr, should we count on a new system for prosperous storytelling? Will there be a sustained change in the tone of marketing communications and resourceful?

But let us not fail to remember: The core storytelling rules merely do not modify – no matter how upside down all the things else seems to be. The ideal, most resonant stories are generally rooted in core human truths and successfully connect these to what the brand name uniquely can deliver — in a culturally attuned way. But in the deal with of substantial contextual shifts — this kind of as these pushed by the COVID-19 pandemic or the resurgence of the ongoing Black Lives Subject movement — models need to have to reevaluate how they set these pieces with each other to ideal connect with individuals at the sweet spot of empathy, ownability, and timeliness. Placing out a new thirty-2nd spot with a “we’re in this together” concept is not probable sufficient. (Cue flat storytelling and sea of sameness we saw early in the pandemic.)

Tap into how individuals are sensation — and what’s uniquely ownable

Consider Nike’s By no means Too Far Down resourceful. This married the key elements so nicely. With a worsening global pandemic earning us really feel discouraged and defeated, Nike aptly applied the example of sport comebacks to encourage us to tap into our collective hopefulness and take care of. As a all-natural extension of the brand’s core positioning, this resourceful resonates due to the fact it reflects what individuals have been sensation (and what many aspired to deep down), it feels ownably joined to Nike, and it was a highly effective commentary on the periods.

Thriving software of storytelling rules do not keep us to films alone. At Google, although we’re generally striving to innovate with storytelling and adapt how we connect with users, this year’s occasions definitely accelerated some of these efforts. All through the onset of the pandemic, for example, we delivered on our core brand name positioning of becoming handy in new methods with our social followers. With our Weekly Traits Collection, we not only shared well timed insights about how the world was navigating the pandemic by lookups, but we also related these developments to guidance on realistic responsibilities like “how to make a mask” or “how to make bread” by YouTube tutorials.

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