Pizza Operators – Takeout Menu Printing & Direct Mail, Who Should You Mail to?

Takeout menus are a great investment for restaurants. They can and should be placed at the front door so that customers may take one as they are walking by. Staff should place one inside the to-go or delivery order as a handy reminder to return. Beyond this, menus should go out in the mail to represent the business and bring in new diners. Ideally, menus should be sent to all the places that customers live, work and even shop.

Collect Addresses from Dine-In Customers

First and foremost, start keeping a list of current customer addresses. Use a guestbook that customers can sign and have servers ask customers to sign up for discount offers as they leave. To collect the most names and addresses, make it as easy as possible for the customer and make sure there is incentive. Promotions like ‘leave a business card in the basket for a chance at a fee dinner’ drawings work quite well to obtain more addresses for the list. Personally collected addresses like these should be kept separate from any other mailing lists, so that specific mailings can be targeted to them as repeat customers. The best response rate will come from this valuable mailing list of potential repeat customers.

Residents in the Delivery Area and Beyond

Restaurants offering delivery, take-out or catering should consider having takeout menus delivered door-to-door or by USPS mail. Direct mail services as part of an ongoing promotion can actually be quite cost effective as menus can often be mailed for less than the price of a single postage stamp. It’s wise to expand outside walking distance or the delivery area, to cover a larger area aimed at reaching customers that may utilize takeout or catering services. A good printer will have targeted mailing lists which can be filtered by a number of factors to hone in on best prospects. Or get a list of every household in the zip code and do a mass saturation mailing.

Jump On Every Opportunity for a Direct Mail Campaign

Don’t let any opportunity whatsoever pass you by. Every holiday should be preceded with pizza specials that are attached as coupons to your direct mail pizza hut coupon menus. It is easy to do since the template allows for customized coupons. Simply go online, change the specials, prices and dates and you have a targeted holiday special! The same holds true with national or local sports events. Whenever a large television audience, especially those hungry football fans, is expected to be glued to the tube beat them to the punch with mouth watering pizza specials at unbeatable prices for that are good for ‘one day only.’

Taking advantage of every opportunity to get that pizza menu out to saturate your market area is the best advertising advice anyone can give you. Who should you mail to? Don’t leave anyone out in your local walking, driving or delivery area! Stay on top of local events and seasonal holidays when changing up your specials and you have just learned how to own your market to generate massive sales.

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