The Best Safaris in Namibia in 2009

With an increase in popularity, Namibia is now rivalling its neighbouring countries with its diverse natural beauty, friendly locals and abundant wildlife, and safaris in Namibia have never been so popular. So if you want to experience the real Namibia, the best thing to do is join a safari in […]

An Introduction to Plane Spotting

What is plane spotting? Plane (or aircraft) spotting is an observation hobby. Enthusiasts note details about the aircraft they observe, such as the type of craft, its registration number (also known as it’s tail or “N-number” in the United States), and any distinctive markings. The information collected is recorded via […]

The Beauty of Okinawa

Unlike the rest of Japan’s 47 prefectures, Okinawa has a different climate and distinct cultural practices and customs. Until 1879, this chain of islands was part of a separate kingdom called Ryukyu. Previously, it had tributary relationships with China and the Tokugawa shogunate as part of the Satsuma prefecture now […]

Android Ahoy!

I was a sixteen year old rookie sailor when joining my first ship, RMS Britannic, the last of the White Star Liners. Not much had changed for passengers since the RMS Titanic of the same company met its tragic end. Progress was unhurried back then. The Britannic ended its Atlantic […]

Cheap Airline Flight

Planning to take a flight? The cost of the tickets is the first thing that you should calculate. A discounted or cheap air flight is what people are always looking for, but getting cheap airline flights is not always so easy. It?s advisable to compare the tickets price for all […]

Nightlife in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is a spectacular tourist destination, which you will surely enjoy to visit. Apart from the world-famous tourist spots, you will be amazed at the spirited nightlife there. Sharm has a spot to cater to all tastes and purses; from casinos to bars to discos to pubs, you […]