Living life from the waist up and, in the absence of bubble tea, I will dream of bubble travel

This week,
I obtained an email from fashion model, Concept, telling me how to “dress from the
waistline up”, and showcasing a sequence of truly interesting jackets. Of course, the
versions ended up dressed beautifully waistline down much too, which is more than I can say
for most of us now living lifestyle from the waistline up.

I have to confess to a specified perception of freedom in not having to fret about matching tops and bottoms these days. Very long as you look superior from the waistline, who cares, other than when you forget about you’re on display and you get up to wander all-around – and we’ve observed several of people video clips.

I am no
fashionista but now, I have to think, will the top I am putting on clash with my
wall colour? My portray? I obtained an email the other working day from another person who was
seeing just one of our WiT Virtuals and she needed me to consider a photograph of just one of my
paintings since she could only see a portion of it on display.

That helps make
me wonder when cash operates out from purchasing all people high priced supply foods,
could I flip my wall into an artwork gallery and promote my paintings?

I now desire
I have white partitions since white goes with anything, and everyone I see on
Zoom these days would seem to have white partitions or nicely-stocked bookcases guiding

I suppose I could be like Kevin Could, my comrade at Phocuswire, who constantly wears black – it goes nicely with his kids’ playroom-turned-dwelling place of work, which is painted yellow and coral.

But even guys are thinking more about fashion these days. I am probably telling tales out of faculty but Jay Boehmer, my other comrade in arms at The Beat, BTN Group, instructed me he dressed up for our WiT Digital by placing on a shirt with a collar. And Arnie Weissmann, the editorial manager at Vacation Weekly, instructed me he deliberately picked crimson for me.

All smiles at WiT Virutal (clockwise): WiT’s Yeoh Siew Hoon, The Beat’s Jay Boehmer, Phocuswire Kevn Could, Vacation Weekly’s Arnie Weissmann

I like how Covid-19 is earning us more fashion-aware – just after all, if you only have 50 % of your entire body to enjoy with, you should really make the most of it.

And then
there is hairdressers. New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, who’s become more of a
celeb than Perry Como these days, does not believe hairdressers are an
critical service and a hair salon proprietor in Texas is dealing with jail time for
opening during lockdown.

Singapore, we disagree. A person of the critical companies that’s reopening Could twelve,
with the easing of Circuit Breaker constraints, are barbers – haircuts only,
no lingering above colouring or perms authorized.

Haircuts are observed by girls as the fastest way to get a raise in spirit – and oh man, do we all will need that proper now.

Men will need it much too. Again back to The Beat’s Boehmer – when asked what is the startup he would spend in during our WiT Digital session, he imagined an AI-run headgear that could lower hair.

The major
disappointment in Singapore is that retailers selling bubble tea will not be
authorized to reopen until eventually June 1. This is a huge deal since they ended up the best-selling
product up to Circuit Breaker lockdown. Google “where to get bubble tea during
Circuit Breaker” and you get lists upon lists.

Like hair
cuts, bubble tea lifts spirits as nicely.

In put of
bubble tea, we in journey can gratify ourselves with the expectation of “bubble
travel” coming to our rescue. This is how experts see journey restarting –
amongst “Covid secure bubbles” just one by just one, as every country emerges from

governments have the last say on which bubble they will open up to and they
will be the initially to shut borders, should really reinfection occurs.

Never ever have
so several been limited by so several. You have to wonder when that bubble will

Till then, we will have to continue on living lifestyle from the waistline up, have more bubble baths and dream of all the flavours of journey that await us. 

Showcased impression credit: VictorGrow/Getty Photos

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