How to come up with a company name


Turbologo name generator will help you generate a unique and beautiful name for your company. The naming of a company largely determines its fate. If you miss the choice, it will be difficult to succeed even with a good product. Attempts to enter foreign markets will turn into a failure if you do not take into account the peculiarities of translation and the national mentality. A successful naming is not a guarantee of commercial success, but an unsuccessful one is likely to lead to failure. For example, in Spanish-speaking countries refused to buy Mitsubishi Pajero, because “pajero” there means a rude expletive in the direction of homosexuals. And there are a lot of such examples.

How to come up with a company name

Companies use abbreviations, rhymes, non-existent or foreign words, abbreviations, people’s names. Sometimes the name comes by accident or by mistake, as was the case with Google. There are many options for creating, let’s analyze the main ones.

  • Use the names and surnames of the creators. The simplest option is the name. You can use your own or any other. There are also many surnames among the brand names: Ford or Tesla cars, Levi’s clothing, Jacuzzi equipment. You can also use a patronymic, initials, or at the same time a first name with a surname / first name with a patronymic.
  • Toponyms. Start from geographical names: water bodies, settlements, mountain peaks, and so on. Most likely, companies with such names already exist — it is important that you engage in various activities.
  • Turbologo name generator. With the help of the Turbologo online naming service, you can easily come up with a naming for a company or brand. Make a list of keywords and phrases that characterize your company. Enter them into the empty generator field and start the workflow.
  • Alliteration. The brand name can be based on alliteration – rhythmic repetitions of identical and homogeneous consonant sounds. As an example, such well-known brands as Coca-Cola drink, KitKat chocolate bars can be cited.
  • Onomatopoeia. Generates an associative relationship with the product. Schweppes — this fizzy drink opens with a similar sound. If the technique is appropriate in your field of activity, you can come up with an original memorable name.
  • Titles. Shops, restaurants and hotels with similar names are quite common. Cafe “Emperor” or shop “Monarch” you will find in many cities.
  • Abbreviation. BBC, IKEA … such abbreviations often hide really beautiful names, and sometimes quite the opposite. However, they themselves can be euphonious and memorable. IKEA, for example, is an acronym, and stands for the name and surname of the founder and the name of the locality where he was born.

Problems and risks of the company name

If you have decided on the name of the company, first make sure that it does not carry certain risks. Check based on the criteria below:

  • Unpleasant associations in other languages. It happens that for residents of the country of origin, the name is euphonious, and for foreigners it is unpleasant and even offensive. For example, Coca-Cola almost failed in China, because the name sounded to residents like “bite the wax tadpole”. I had to delve into hieroglyphs, and as a result, a consonant and very successful expression “Kekoukele” was found, which can be translated as “Happiness in the mouth”.
  • Banality. The use of trivial names such as “Products”, “Flowers” or common names does not allow you to stand out among similar establishments.


Naming affects consumers’ perception of the company. An unsuccessful name can scare away the audience, so it is necessary to seriously approach the issue. To make a name recognizable, you need to meet the main criteria: uniqueness, recognizability, accessibility and durability. The brand is not only a beautiful name, but also an image that consumers give meaning and remember.

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