Getting to Know Flores Arabica Coffee as Indonesia’s Leading Coffee Product

Flores Arabica Coffee From East Indonesia | Coffee Arks

Coffee is a type of drink that is in high demand by people from all over the world. Various kinds of Indonesian coffee are exported to many countries. When tourists have a vacation in Indonesia, they buy coffee after exchanging their money for Indonesian currency. Jakarta tourism is one of tourists favorite.

One area that is a coffee producer is Flores. Its most famous coffee product is Arabica Flores. This coffee is renowned for its unique taste and has been sold to international markets. When you trip Bali, you also gonna find a lot of coffee shops that sells Arabica from Flores.

Flores Coffee Cultivation

Flores is an archipelago located in eastern Indonesia. This archipelago has many highlands that are used to cultivate coffee plants, one of which is Bajawa. Coffee produced from this area will be exported to neighboring countries.

Bajawa is included in the Ngada highlands, which has an altitude of up to 1,550 meters above sea level. Meanwhile, the climate and rainfall reach 2,500 mm per year. These conditions make coffee plants thrive.

Indonesia’s Flores coffee is the largest export-producing source, its primary product being Flores arabica coffee. So it is natural if the price is relatively high compared to coffee from other regions.

Even though this type of Flores coffee plant has a short production period, the harvest period can be up to 20 years. Each harvest, Flores coffee can produce 4 to 5 kg of coffee beans per tree. With abundant harvests, this coffee can meet market demand.

Advantages of Flores Coffee

Flores arabica coffee is a type of coffee that is in great demand, not without reason. There are various advantages of this coffee. Here are the advantages of Flores Arabica coffee:

1. Organic Cultivation Process

Coffee plants that grow in the highlands of Flores are cultivated organically. The treatment process uses natural fertilizers. In addition, farmers also avoid using pesticides to maintain crop quality.

Coffee that is cultivated organically will produce products with guaranteed quality and safety. This method is maintained by Flores farmers to preserve the distinctive taste of Flores arabica coffee.

2. Has an Authentic Taste and Aroma

Flores arabica coffee is famous for its taste which cannot be found in other types of coffee. Not only that, but the scent is also very strong. So that makes coffee enthusiasts interested the first time they smell the distinctive aroma.

3. Balanced Acidity

Generally, coffee has a sour taste which makes not everyone like it. However, it is different from Flores Arabica coffee which has a balanced acid level. So that this coffee can be consumed by anyone with a sour taste that can still be tolerated.

Indonesia is a world-famous coffee-producing country, its superior product is Flores Arabica coffee, the favorite of world coffee connoisseurs.

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