Cheap Airline Flight

Planning to take a flight? The cost of the tickets is the first thing that you should calculate. A discounted or cheap air flight is what people are always looking for, but getting cheap airline flights is not always so easy. It?s advisable to compare the tickets price for all […]

The VFW-614 Regional Jet

DESIGN ORIGINS Despite what constituted the regional jet revolution during the 1990s with low-capacity, twin-engine designs from Canadair, Embraer, and Dornier, the concept had its origins some two and a half decades earlier in France, Russia, and Germany. Market studies, particularly in the latter country, had been conducted during the […]

Aircraft Hangar Door Safety

Aircraft hangar door safety should not be taken for granted. May I share a personal experience that proved embarrassing and costly to a friend of mine? Numerous years ago an assistant Chief Pilot of an aviation division at Sugarland airport had a bad habit of parking his car in the […]

Cessna 172 – Facts For Beginners

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is the most popular plane that Cessna has ever produced. The first prototype of the 172 was flown in 1955 and production began for the craft in 1956. The normal cruising speed for a fixed-gear 172 ranges from about 105 to 125 knots, depending on the […]

Aircraft and Aerospace Aluminum Alloys

Pure aluminum and pure magnesium are completely unsuitable as structural materials for airframes, because they have very low strength. However, when alloyed (chemically mixed) with each other or with other metals, their strength is vastly improved, and they form the most widely used group of airframe materials. Alloying metals include […]

Aircraft Sales and Finders Fees

If you are and aviation enthusiast and you like to hang around the airport and talk about airplanes then perhaps you might consider a side business of becoming an aircraft salesperson collecting a small finders fee. This is not too difficult of a business and it will allow you to […]