Best and safest places to travel in South Asia

Asia is the largest among the seven continents on the earth: Africa, North America, Australia, South America, Antarctica, and  Europe. It has 48countries in total. It contains North, East, West, and South Asia. South Asia is a major tourist destination due to its rich culture and is ranked as the safest part of the continent to visit by the Global Peace Index(GPI). To inquire more about travelling in these countries, visit online travel agencies reviews in the UK. And to find places togo on a budget, go to budget travel. Some great countries to travel to in South Asia are;
1. Singapore
According to the Global Peace Index, a report quantifies the lack of violence and the peace level of a country, went to Singapore. A country that has many cultures, it accommodates people from other races, religions, and regions. It also possesses many green areas that attract many tourists, making it an excellent travel destination. Diverse experiences stretch from the fantastic food, National Gallery, Esplanade to the Asian Civilisations Museum, to incredible orchestras. You will find beautiful botanic gardens if you love adventure and watch nocturnal animals if you take a safari at night.
2. Japan
Japan is the second safest country according to Global Peace Index in Asia in 2021. It is the most exciting, beautiful place to travel to in the world. Locals treat you warmly. If you love to look at nature and adventure, maybe take a hike, try  Hakone and Mr. Fuji. Osaka gives you great culinary experiences of Japanese culture. Hiroshima gives you a historical tour of the atomic bomb in World War II that has had adverse effects till today and how it shaped Japan as a nation.  In Kyoto, you should take a walk in Arashiyama that has a bamboo forest.
3. Malaysia
Malaysia received a ranking at twenty-fifth in the world in The Global peace index  2021. It possesses a friendly and inviting atmosphere that carries moments. To enjoy breathtaking nature, treks to Mount Kinabalu, 4095m tall. Take a venture in Borneo to visit the jungle and search for wildlife. You can also enjoy the Malaysian currency ringgit, the Central Bank of Mal issues. Sabah, a state on the island of Borneo, has beaches, rainforests, wildlife, and coral reefs in the northern part. Mabul and Sipadan islands are known as notable destinations for diving. There are great cuisines to explore. Limestone hills, Batu Caves form caves and temples in Gombak District in Selangor State. Batu in Malaysia means  ‘rock.’
4.  South Korea
Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, has fantastic sites, including Gyeongbokgung   Temple and the oldest palace in the city. It also has free wifi in many areas making it easy for you to navigate on yourself. For adventure lovers,70% of Seoul has mountains like Bukhan, where you can enjoy breathtaking views and enjoy Korean sauna to relax for the evening. Busan, the largest city after Seoul, has many beautiful hotels for tourists to spend their touring period. The hotels have gyms, conference halls, and a person can book prior. You can take a boat tour while in Busan to view the historical bridge, Yeongdodaegyo, and lighthouses that dot the coastline.
5. Vietnam
Vietnam has gorgeous lands with beautiful landscapes, great food, and a wealthy culture. It is known for rivers, beaches, Buddhist pagodas and is full of activity. Halong Bay is a seascape with spellbinding views and is also a World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Ho Chi Minh is a city hall with a museum with incredible artifacts to learn about the city’s history. The Reunification Palace, also known as Independence Palace, was home to the president of South Vietnam. Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park has  Paradise Cave to go caving visit, stretching 31km underground.
6. China
China is a  country with mysterious and exotic personification. Did you know that China was discovered thrugh the writings of an adventurer by the name Marco Polo more than 700years ago? The Great of China in Chinese is known as ‘Changcheng’ extends over 6000km is a place worth visiting. The Forbidden City & the Imperial Palace, and Summer Palace in Beijing have gardens that are great to view and great culture. Giant Panda Breeding, Sichuan is a place to watch this creature and experience the Panda animals to help secure their future and prevent their extinction.
7. Thailand
Visit the tribes of  Northern hill and elephant sanctuaries in Chiang Mai to island hopping and hedonistic Full Moon parties. Thailand is relaxing trouble-free on heavenly beaches and friendly locals. According to statistics, it was the safest country in 2018—Railay beach for its whitewater rafting, kayaking, and scuba diving. Kho Phi Phi has blue waters, soft sand, and unending excellent views. Phi Phi Don is the only permanently occupied large island, and hiring a boat can get you there.
In conclusion, South Asian Countries are a must-visit and a secure way of safety and a great time.

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