Avoid These 5 Mistakes When on Vacation

Willard Desalvatore

Have you ever been on vacation and regretted making a trivial mistake?

If you often travel, you must have faced a situation like this at least once. Even though you have been prepared, some things are not going according to plan. So, consider the following tips to ensure your next vacation runs smoothly!

Forgot to Exchange Local Currency

Remember to get Indonesia currency for those who are on vacation in Indonesia. For exchanges, it is better to do it well before departure. Avoid exchanging at the destination country’s airport because there are usually high fees. If you are in a hurry, you should withdraw cash at an ATM connected to the Mastercard or VISA network. Usually, if you withdraw money like this, there are no withdrawal transaction fees, only small buy-sell margins imposed by the banks. 

Too Many Plans

Making vacation plans is necessary because it’s a shame if you only use vacation time to sleep in a hotel. However, creating a tight itinerary can be less enjoyable and make you feel so hurried. For example, if you are enjoying snorkeling at Gili Meno best beach, suddenly you have to get out of the water immediately because your next plan is to take a boat to Gili Trawangan. Holidays become less comfortable and cannot be enjoyed, right? So, arrange the itinerary properly.

Tempted by Low Price Offers

Who can resist low prices from promos or discounts? Especially if the hotel or plane ticket that you ordered is discounted by up to 80%, you may immediately decide to make a purchase. But pay attention again before the transaction, are the facilities worth the price? For example, if the cost of plane tickets is cheap, but it turns out that you have to pay extra for baggage. Or plane tickets abroad that are too cheap, but it is a midnight flight, so you need to spend money in a transit hotel. So, pay attention to the details before the transaction.

Carrying Too Many Things

Have you ever felt your entire suitcase was packed because you thought you’d use them all at your destination? You will need to pay for excess baggage, even though you won’t wear all the clothes. Instead, choose versatile clothes and neutral colors so they can be used anytime. For example, pants with neutral colors, like white or black, can be combined with any color tops. Remember to bring toiletries and skincare in a compact size, so it doesn’t fill up the suitcase capacity.

Lack of Local Cultural Understanding

When you go on vacation to other places, the culture will be different from where you live. Not only abroad but in the country, it can vary. For example, women need to wear headscarves in Aceh and other cultures. It’s recommended to find out the local culture in the city you visit, to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

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