8 Ways to Make Absolutely Everyone Feel Welcome at Your Event

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You may claim to be hosting an event that invites everyone. But the proof lies in the involvement of your guests.

People are looking for both transparent and implicit signals as to whether they are welcomed. If you aim to build a more comprehensive and varied event with an event agency in Dubai, below are nine suggestions to explore.

Presence is not just about inviting people of every kind. It’s a question of making them comfortable.

1. Avoid scheduling conflicts with cultural or religious holidays

Remember religious or cultural holidays outside the principal norm when considering scheduling your options. You will be unable to accommodate everybody, but you can go a long way, especially if you live in a place with a large minority population.

2. Keep the prejudice out of your marketing

Talk about what you are selling, the language you are using and what imagery you are implementing to upkeep your event’s story.

You don’t have to be everything to all people. Yet the marketing imagery and messaging will say a lot about the people you are eager to invite. Make sure you include diversity in your imagery and target your advertising efforts beyond the mainstream public.

3. Install signage that sends a clear message

At your event, literal signage can be an influential way to show and encourage your guests who may feel anxious about coming to an event. For example:

  • “You are most welcome”
  • “Call this number if you feel uncomfortable”
  • Or just a rainbow flag.

4. Consider posting a code of conduct

Keeping your attendees safe is a major priority for any event designer. A code of conduct creates rules and guidelines for the community so that the participants learn what they can do and what they cannot do.

Post your code of conduct along with your other signage at the event and include it with all ticketing and marketing materials.

5. Staff your event with a diverse crew

Hiring event companies in Dubai with its diverse types of people will bring richness and different perspectives to your event brand. It also sends a message to the participants that you are investing in diversity.

Go beyond a single node in your job postings to reasonable hiring practices. State your clear contribution to creating a diverse and inclusive team. And then complement that with hiring practices that will weed out latent bias then pay less attention to “cultural fit” and more on diversity.

6. Go beyond minimum ADA requirements

If you use a venue that frequently hosts events, you can do better than the bare minimum. For example, add accessible seating in every area of your event — accompanied, wherever possible, by “companion seating.” Instruct staff on how to treat people with disabilities and how to connect with them. And be vigilant about communicating your usability strategy across in all your communications.

7. Hire a sign-language interpreter

It is a nice thing to do for those who are hard to hear to provide sign-language communication among the speakers and performers. It also sends a powerful message that your case is not just for conventionally capable people. Remember to include this on your website and marketing materials so future attendees can be hyped to participate!

8. Ask attendees what would make them feel included

Ask your event attendees what things would make them feel at home by asking queries in the registration process streamline communication.

Consider sending a post-event survey to determine what performed, and what did not. Where could you have done better? This is vital information for your next event planning and your attendants are likely, to be honest with your event fresh in their minds.


Each event experience is an opportunity to learn and you will inevitably make mistakes. But if there are a will and effort you will get there easily.

Explore how innovating event planners have adapted their events to be welcoming for all in making your events more inclusive and diverse.

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