7 Budget-Friendly Vacation Spots You Should Visit

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Contrary to popular belief, there are certain places you can visit on a low budget and still have the experience worth a lifetime.

It is mostly true that the best vacation spots are those that are more likely to leave a huge dent in your finances, but one thing is for sure: good research could be the difference between you giving up hope due to budget restraints and going somewhere nice that wouldn’t cost much but still be worth your time and effort.

Keeping tabs on customer reviews can help you figure out some of these destinations too. There is nothing more easily believable than consumer testimonials these days when it comes to goods and services. And the reason is that most of them are often quite reliable.

Let’s now take a look at some of these inexpensive places.

  1. Latvia

Latvia is a lesser-known European country. It’s very easy for people to dismiss it when talking about travel destinations. One thing to look forward to in such a country is an abundance of nature. A good chunk of the country is covered in rich vegetation and water bodies. And this offers some aquatic pleasures like swimming, canoeing, and wandering through rich fauna.

Latvian cuisine is cheap. Accommodation and transport don’t cost much either. This makes it a perfect fit for your low budget.

  1. Malaysia

Malaysia isn’t as expensive as many people think it is. Perhaps, their economic fortune is why people think so of the Asian country. 

Malaysian cuisine is one thing to watch out for and its relative cheapness. There are also places to see too. The islands and highlands which include the Penang and Penhetian islands and the Cameron, Langkawi highlands respectively, are places to explore if you are a lover of the natural world. Don’t forget the architectural beauty of the high-rise buildings in major cities like Kuala Lumpur too. In general, transportation is really affordable, which will make going about quite easily.

  1. Lithuania

Just like Latvia, Lithuania is also a lesser-known vacation destination. And that is one reason why it is a good choice for a low-budget vacation. 

Accommodation, transportation and food and drink won’t cost you much. The capital Vilnius is known for its colorful nightlife.

  1. Colombia

This South American country offers you rich history and culture. For instance, Bogota’s array of museums is sure to captivate you. Colombia’s rich and unadulterated vegetation is also something to watch out for, likewise the beaches. Accommodation, food, and transportation are very cheap.

  1. Mexico

Brimming with life, music, and adventure, Mexico is one of the popular places to visit in Latin America. And for this reason, one might be wired to think it is quite expensive. But Mexico isn’t. Transportation is relatively cheap. Although there are safety issues in some parts, the vastness of the country provides you with places that are quite secure and enjoyable.

Mexican cuisine is something to die, likewise the gorgeous inexpensive beaches. Local delicacies can cost as low as $3 in local restaurants and street vendors. Accommodation is quite fair.

  1. Romania

Romania is a good choice for a low-budget vacation. The country is also less known. Thus, this should be a chance to explore hidden terrains. The local towns with their deep history and culture would entice you. Transportation, accommodation, and other essentials are quite cheap.

From the look of things, it is safe to deduce that less-explored places are often those that are budget-friendly. One other thing you can do to maximize cost is cooking your own meals while on vacation, if possible.

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