Day: March 26, 2020

From me to we: The ‘white-coat’ lining of the COVID-19 pandemic | Travel Wire News

In spite of the tragic, troubling situations, the globe could be poised to experience a renaissance. 

I know that you could disagree, maybe vehemently. I know you could scoff or recoil at the strategy that a pandemic can generate anything at all other than fear, uncertainty and grief. You could even be inclined to halt looking at this column mainly because you imagine the recommendation that a rampaging coronavirus can induce a renaissance of any sort is a click on-bait-pushed “take”.

Like you, I have viewed, impotent, as this infuriatingly obstinate virus has spread with lethal and panic-inducing efficiency. It has manufactured the old and vulnerable grievously ill. It has killed indiscriminately. It has forced us into hibernation, shuttered economies and extinguished a great number of careers and hope.  

But the wee, stubborn optimist in me continues to be certain that hope and likelihood exist even in the midst of an unrelenting world humanitarian crisis that will preserve resulting in harm and havoc and perhaps overwhelm our capacity to respond. 

If we peer above the grim horizon, there could not only be a way out of the ever-collecting storm, we could also seize the prospect to reimagine our position as citizens not just inside of nations, but between nations and to reassert the primacy of scientific reality. 

If we do this – and that, of course, continues to be profoundly unsure – the globe could vogue a renaissance of the spirit of collective motion in the tangible, lasting service of the popular great centered on reality.    

Initially, we must listen to doctors and scientists – the women of all ages and adult men who make up the white-coat brigade now foremost the combat towards this insidious ailment. Then, we must do our best to abide by their guidelines with unflinching discipline and persistence where ever situations allow.    

As the pandemic rages, we will keep on, no doubt, to oscillate from resignation to an nearly paralysing dread. The doctors and scientists we switch to for support, assistance and nonetheless distant therapeutic alternatives, are the indispensable sources of awareness, calmness and, at situations, reassurance. They are a welcomed existence and a comforting sight. 

A lot more than that, we are, I feel, witnessing the extended-overdue revival of intelligence and skills in our general public discourse. Each individual working day, we see and examine it throughout time zones, continents and languages as the who’s who of science and drugs are questioned to make clear what we have to have to do and when we have to have to do it and to raise, when required, the alarm. 

Oh, how these intelligent, eloquent and authoritative voices have been skipped. For much too extended, much too numerous irresponsible editors have available an inviting platform to an endless parade of slick charlatans and hucksters who have told us that vaccines trigger autism and that climate alter and, these days, COVID-19 are hoaxes made by “woke” liberals. 

And for much too extended, it has been modern –