Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho caught in Paraguay with FAKE passport (PHOTOS) | Travel Wire News

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Brazilian football phenom Ronaldinho has been caught with an “altered” passport in Paraguay, the country’s inside ministry has verified. The star, alongside with his brother, is now getting held by police at a resort in Asuncion.

“[The brothers] are not getting detained, they are nevertheless below judicial investigation and they have to testify. Then it will be decided irrespective of whether they will be arrested or not,” Paraguay’s inside minister Euclides Acevedo informed ESPN Brasil late on Wednesday.

Ronaldinho arrived in Paraguay earlier on Wednesday for a charity event, but ran into difficulty with authorities they identified the doctored passports in his resort room in the cash.

Acevedo says the two males are now cooperating with the investigation, but are not cost-free to go away the country until they present testimony in the variety of a deposition, established for 8am Thursday early morning area time. Equally insist they are harmless, arguing they had been deceived by a area “businessman.”