The price of a wood personal privacy fence can vary substantially depending on numerous elements:

  • The size as well as elevation of the fence
  • Do it yourself or hire a contractor?
  • Installing a new fence or changing an existing fence?
  • Product prices at your area

Undoubtedly, the size of the location to be fenced is the solitary biggest aspect that identifies the price to install a fence (all various other factors being equal). The height of the fence will certainly also have a major impact on the price – most suburban personal privacy fences are 6 foot high picket fences in one of the several styles.

The second most significant element on timber fence cost are the materials selected. Homeowners normally make use of pressure treated 4×4 posts or galvanized steel posts, pressure dealt with 2x4s for the fence rails, and want or cedar wood for the pickets. Many alternatives exist – normally at additional price – to transform the appearances of the fence look including updating the timber grade and application of discolorations or sealers to improve and secure the timber for longer life.

When mounting a brand-new fence, do not forget the cost of website preparation and excavating the fence post holes. Rocky soil problems may make it tough to dig the fence post holes and also sandy or marshy soil conditions could need additional groundwork to ensure the grounds will hold the fence posts securely without leaning. Changing an existing fence presents various other difficulties, in most instances it is useful to re-use the existing fence blog post holes which suggests the existing messages must be removed.

A general rule to estimate the price of lots of home renovation projects is to determine the products price and also increase it to determine the complete task price when using a specialist. For a lot of fence projects this method will overstate the job cost by 10-20% so it could be made use of as a conservative estimate. Mounting a timber personal privacy fence is a substantial project because of the quantity of work, yet not as well hard for the common homeowner as well as the expense savings can be considerable. The American Fence Association approximates the ordinary cost of privacy fence installation at roughly $17 to $24 per direct foot for a certified, adhered, and guaranteed service provider (2013 numbers). This estimate does not include sales tax or permit/inspection costs that may use in your area.

As constantly when working with a service provider, incorporate associated projects to get far better value, get numerous proposals on any type of job, inspect the BBB and also licensing division for issue background, and make sure to verify recommendations and also evaluate prior job before making your final option – the lowest cost quote for the timber privacy fence installation could not save money in the long run if the job is finished with poor handiwork, low quality products, or the service provider does not guarantee their job.

Certainly, the size of the location to be fenced is the single biggest element that figures out the cost to set up a fence (all various other factors being equivalent). The height of the fence will additionally have a major effect on the expense – most rural personal privacy fences are 6 foot tall picket fences in one of the many designs. When installing a new fence, do not overlook the price of site preparation as well as digging the fence blog post holes. The American Fence Association estimates the average expense of personal privacy fence installation at about $17 to $24 each linear foot for a licensed, bonded, and also insured specialist (2013 numbers). Click here to learn more about fence repair.

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